A web shrine to Redwall

Redwall is a series of fantasy novels that were published between 1986 and 2011 by Brian Jaques. I loved this series as a child, and first started reading them because I loved collecting series that had continual spines, like Deltora Quest. I soon found that Redwall was special, it had hivid descriptions, a fantastical cast that was something like a medieval Farthing Wood.

Below is a small interactive bookshelf that allows you to click through to read the books on Open Library. I've used the original book spines I loved, before they gained new publishers and avandoned the wall graphic that I loved.

Lord Brocktree Martin The Warrior Mossflower Outcast of Redwall Mariel of Redwall The Bellmaker Salamandastron Redwall Mattimeo The Pearls of Lutra The Long Patrol Marlfox The Taggerung