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The Creatures 1 learning computer on screensaver mode.

Nornish Soundboard

I made a Nornish Soundboard while in the process of making a Nornish to Handish translator. The page linked below contains both the soundboard and an externally-hosted translator, though I hope one day to make one hosted here.

Nornish Soundboard
A norn in a hat made in the dressup game.

Albian Dressup

Because I'm a visual person, I wanted to make a doll dressup for trying different norn/grendel/ettin breed combinations, in order to imagine Creatures characters. So, over one break from work when I was recovering from my second mastectomy, I made the Albian Dressup!

I released the dressup as a Picrew as well as a Photoshop file for others to make their own parts, or to act as a base for people that would like more customisayion than a dollmaker game can provide.

thesheeark then made Albian Dressup +Plus, with additional content and on now.

Download the dressup Photoshop file (1.54MB, .ZIP)
Example of the C1 C2 font: 'The chill fox norn vowed to heckle a grendel before jumping to your quest prize.' Example of the C2 DS font: 'The chill fox norn vowed to heckle a grendel before jumping to your quest prize.'

Albian Creatures Font

A hand-crafted vector .otf font conversion of the CHARSET.DTA C1/C2 fonts, and the BlackOnWhiteChars.s16 font from C3/DS! The zip contains .otf. .woff and .woff2.

The fonts are in the same family so should show up as 'C1 C2' and 'C3 DS' in the same options you'd change between something like Bold and Italic. Let me know if any characters/glyphs aren't showing up like you'd expect and I'll update!

When I saw Jessica's Original Creatures Font conversion of the C1 font into C3/DS, I knew I wanted to make it into a font for me to use on designs too! Thankyou to Jessica for converting the C1/C2 font originally, because I had no how to open the CHARSET.DTA file from C1/C2 so I used her conversion as a base for this.

Download font (158KB, .ZIP)


Hircine Norns posing

Hircine Norn Pack

These were inspired by the Creatures 2 Goat Norns by Angela Allan. They aren't an exact conversion, but I have taken from the original Goat Norns in spirit particularly the male colour and curved horns, and then inspired by the Frog Norns I have added goat-like horizontal pupils for pano-vision.

The Hircine Norns were made in Geneforge with custom shaped hoof-paws, horns, resized ears, and custom textures. The curved horns were supplied very kindly by SpaceSR.

They use Grendel Slot E, include TWB (True Warm Blood), CFE (Creatures Full of Edits) and Stock ChiChi (ex47) genetics, and have complete sprites for growing horns and sexual dimorphism.

Version 1 was released for CCSF 2023.

Version 2 (this one) includes: refined textures, additional genomes, fixed tail, reslotted from Grendel T to Grendel E.

Download the Hircine Norn Pack (284KB, .ZIP, 2023-12-31)


Genshin Impact Norn Sounds

On a whim I made a sound replacement for all norn voices to become the Hu Tao TikTok meme at various stages. It's awful, so I recommend trying it out and then changing it back lol.

This was directly inspired (and made possible via me being able to reverse engineer...) by the TF2 Voice Pack by Freyla, and the Scorn Voice Addons by Leporidae that were submitted to CCSF 2021.

Download the voice pack (284KB, .ZIP)

Custom Bubbles

Below are a series of styles I’ve made for Aiko’s Speech Bubbles Upgrade 1.2. Here is a video by Aiko explaining the upgrade for the CCSF 2021. If you’re interested in making your own styles for the bubbles, I’ve made a guide on how to do so here. I also made a spritesheet.psd for the sprites with example text and the outlines and background all on their own layers to make editing the sprites easier.

Galactic Style Bubble

Galactic Style Bubble

Use 'bubble galactic global' to inject globally.

Download style (23KB, .ZIP)
Gold Style Bubble

Gold Style Bubble

Use 'bubble gold global' to inject globally.

Download style (76KB, .ZIP)
Leafy Style Bubble

Leafy Style Bubble

Use 'bubble leafy global' to inject globally.

Download style (120KB, .ZIP)
Grendly Style Bubble

Grendly Style Bubble

Use 'bubble grendly global' to inject globally.

Download style (33KB, .ZIP)
Snowflakes Style Bubble

Snowflakes Style Bubble

Use 'bubble snowflakes global' to inject globally.

Download style (32KB, .ZIP)
Bubbly Style Bubble

Bubbly Style Bubble

Use 'bubble bubbly global' to inject globally.

Download style (32KB, .ZIP)
Halloweeny Style Bubble

Halloween Style Bubble

Use 'bubble halloween global' to inject globally.

Download style (33KB, .ZIP)
Magma Style Bubble

Magma Style Bubble

Use 'bubble magma global' to inject globally.

Download style (109KB, .ZIP)
Interface Style Bubble

Interface Style Bubble

Styled after the Docking Station interface. Use 'bubble interface global' to inject globally.

Download style (102KB, .ZIP)


A textural recreation of Eem Foo.

Eem Foo variant

I drew an interpretation of Eem Foo for Eem Foo's Archive.

A C1 norn blowing a trumpet walking down the path in Creatures 1. Text in the sky says `Celebrating the 25th Year of Creatures 1'.

CCSF 2021 Entry

I drew a piece of Creatures 1 fanart to celebrate the 25th year since Creatures 1 for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival (CCSf) 2021.