Teeny Towers

Welcome to Karithina's Teeny Tower!

This idea originated from Key's Klubhouse as a revival of the now-defunct Honey Building.

You can use the alt text from my room if you take it. Also I have placed my own alt text for everyone else's room, let me know if you want yours changed because I did my best :)

Here is my room:

A cave filled with bats, stalagtites and stalagmites.

Here is my teeny tower:

A sepia-tinted room with an old fireplace and beams of light softly playing through the window. A soft blue room filled with pastel bear plushies, plants, and butterfly and mushroom specimens. A pastel coloured kitchen with ping and cream tiles. A banana is on the bench and an apple is in the window. A simple warm room with posters on the walls. A white cat does jumping jacks in the middle of it. A brown and purple room with a flitched out tv showing an eye and an error. There is also a bed, a game console and a bookshelf. A pink and blue room with a flaming chandelier, a bed, a dresser, and an open door. A shost floats in the center of the room wearing a white dress. The interior of a Hot Topic store with glass doors. The blue-haired person at the counter is headbanging eagerly. A faded warm room with peeling wallpaper, an olive coutch and a portrait on the wall. A giant beetle clings to the ceiling. A dark blue room with a coffin shaped pod in the center of it. It appears to be some kind of resting technology, and wired come from it at every angle. A black room with red carpet. A full moon peeks through the black curtains. The door is boarded up. 666 is painted on the wall in blood and a pentagram is drawn on the floor in black and framed with 5 candles. A pastel pink, brown and purple room. There is a computer, twinkling moon and stars out the window, a couch and a tiny white cat. A dark room with putple striped wallpaper and black wooden floorboards. There are cobwebs on the walls, a black cat, green curtains, and a dark door. There is a desk decorated with eyeballs, behind the desk is a till and a figure with split black and putple hair. A potion and books sit on a shelf behind them. A room with green walls and brown wooden floorboards. Most of the room is a bookshelf, next to that is the library's till and counter. Books to be sorted are on a trolley in front of it. A brown room containing a computer, a globe and a couch. Stars twinkle outside of the arched window. The computer bluescreens. A soft floorlamp illuminates the couch. A grey room that contains a game console and screen surrounded by an extensive collection of what can only be assumed to be games. A server rack sits beside it with indoor plants between. A completely greyscale room. The walls are black, an eye decorates the door and some kind of growth has smashed through the window. A white cracked hole is in the middle of the room, it is filled with eyes. A dark hallway with decorative wallpaper, the shaped within the wallpaper have eyes that blink. The doors are ornate wood and the carped is a dep burgundy. A floating candelabra is off in the dark distance of the hallway. A cave filled with bats, stalagtites and stalagmites.