Welcome to Karithina's yum-yum shoppe! Please 'purchase' something from me today. If you do, you must link back my site in your 'cart' next to the item you 'purchased' from me. If you have any coupons, questions, or comments, please don't email me because I'm a social recluse.

This idea originated from Lani. You create 15 x 15 pixel items for your shoppe, and put your favourites of other people's items in your shopping cart with a link back to their shoppe, no actual money is exchanged it's just cute pixel art fun :)

Karithina's Shoppe

[x] Description
A tiny bat / An animated tiny bat tiny bat
An albino rat albino rat
The smollest zine smollest zine
A rainbow slinkie / An animated rainbow slinkie rainbow slinkie
A golden poo golden poo
A purple snail purple snail
A VR headset vr headset
The Communist Manifesto communist manifesto
A poster from a music gig gig poster
A CRT monitor and keyboard crt monitor and keyboard
A sand dollar sand dollar
A hot glue gun hot glue gun
A furby furby
A Tamagotchi / An animated Tamagotchi tamagotchi
A norn norn
An astro norn astro norn
A yerk yerk
A caterpillar caterpillar

Thank you for shopping, come again!

Karithina's Cart

[x] Description Purchased
A ladybug ladybug Cinni
Totoro totoro dust sprite Shell*
A Cadbury Creme Egg cadbury creme egg Key
An orca orca Antikrist
A banshee vanilla latte banshee vanilla latte Vencake
A Jigglypuff jigglypuff Rosedryad
Frankenstein's monster frankenstein's monster Fairytrash
A Gameboy SP Advance gameboy sp advance Zero
An ergonomic knife ergonomic knife Sangre
A Spagoon stinkling spagoon stinkling Jesterror
A baby buddy baby buddy Phoebe*
A boxcutter boxcutter Sangre
A dango mini dango Draco*
A safety pin safety pin Shauna*
A fizzy drink fizzy drink Lissy*
Some fresh blades fresh blades Sangre
A good luck penny good luck penny You-Muffin*
A purple 3DS purple 3ds Draco*
A black cat paw black cat paw Jesterror
Poison poison Zana*
A cleaver cleaver Sangre
A bitty bonsai bitty bonsai Draco*
A ghost ghost Kaye*
A fishbone fishbone Tahara*
[x] Description Purchased
A green floppy disk green floppy disk Duckee*
A mushroom dude mushroom dude Zana*
A jelly donut jelly donut Sangre
A momo bandaid momo bandaid Rainbow Shoppe*
A donut donut Muffin Mart*
Meat meat Sangre
A happy skull charm happy skull charm Athene*
A skull skull Fairytrash
A death skull death skull Mad*
A girly skull girly skull Kaye*
A Spagoon goctothing spagoon goctothing Jesterror
Invader Zim invader zim Zana*
Another Invader Zim invader zim Key
Gir gir Kaye*
Zim in disguise zim in disguise Key
A cottoncandy made of poo cottoncandy poo Tahara*
A Muffin muffin Marcia*
A poo poo Katrii*
A sparkly poo sparkly poo Katrii*
A couple of poopsickles poopsickles Tahara*
Chocolate chocolate Shell*
More poo poo Kaye*
A coffee mug coffee mug Lissy*

* These shoppes are Archived links on, as the current link is no longer online.