Warning this page contains flashing graphics, please proceed at my apologies.

My buttons

These are buttons that I've made! You are free to share them and use them, just would be nice to link back to my site so that others can find them :)

Cancer SurvivorCancer Survivor
Get Doom Now!Get Doom Now!
I have ADHDI have ADHD

Collected buttons

These buttons are by others. Buttons are linked through to the creator where known (and please let me know if you know the creator of any that might be missing this!).

Pansexual Flag by Jasper VPansexual Flag by Jasper V
Nonbinary Flag by Kye RowanNonbinary Flag by Kye Rowan
Valid HTML!Valid HTML!
Valid CSS!Valid CSS!
Site made in Visual Studio CodeSite made in Visual Studio Code
This site has a PG ratingThis site has a PG rating
Made with my own two pawsMade with my own two paws
Gameboy ColourGameboy Colour
Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
Bells NOW!Bells NOW!
kris where tf are wekris where tf are we
Social distancing survivor 2020Social distancing survivor 2020
Wind power!Wind power!
Go solarGo solar
Go solarISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD
Trans your genderTrans your gender
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Visual Studio CodeVisual Studio Code
Forever onlineForever online
World Wide Web - connecting people since 1991World Wide Web - connecting people since 1991
There are no bad hair days on the internetThere are no bad hair days on the internet
Anti code and runAnti code and run
Scalable Vector Graphics NOW!Scalable Vector Graphics NOW!